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Bladder Expansion and Surge Suppression Tanks

Starfire, Inc., is a proud distributor of Young Engineering Bladder Expansion Tanks. Designed to protect your antifreeze sprinkler system from thermal expansion, the BET is widely recognized as an industry leader in repairable bladder tanks. Our sales team has extensive experience in sizing bladder expansion tanks for both glycerin and propylene glycol antifreeze systems, so contact us with your bladder tank questions today.

Bladder Expansion Tanks


  • Protects Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems from the Damaging Effects of Thermal Expansion

  • Available Sizes Range from 1 to 150 Gallons

  • 1, 2-1/2, 5, and 10 Gallon Sizes in Stock for Fast Delivery

  • All Units are UL Listed and ASME Certified

Surge Suppressors and Bladder Surge Tanks


Starfire, Inc., also represents Young Engineering’s line of Surge Suppressors. The BSA and BSAT control pressure variations within predetermined tolerances to protect your system from potentially destructive water hammer caused by pump start up and shut down. A wide range of available sizes ensure that there is a Surge Suppressor for nearly every application.


  • Designed to Accommodate a Wide Range of Pressures and Temperatures

  • Available Sizes Range from 2-1/2 to 150 Gallons

  • Bottom and Top Repairable Versions Available

  • Several Units are UL listed and FM Approved

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