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Fire Safing

With greater concern being placed on fire-safing penetrations in walls and ceilings to hinder the spread of fire within a structure, Starfire, Inc., offers an extensive line of products to satisfy every type of fire-safing application.

Each Penetration is a Unique UL Rated System Depending On:


  • Construction of the Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Cable Tray, etc.

  • Type of Material Penetrating (i.e., Steel Pipe, Copper Tubing, Conduit, PVC Pipe)

  • Size of the Opening and Size of the Penetrating Material

  • Hour-Rating of System Required

Starfire Offers a Complete Line of Products to Produce a UL Rated System, Including:


  • Caulk & Sealant

  • Seal Bags (Excellent for Cable Trays)

  • Preformed Pipe Devices

  • Wrap Strips

  • Putty

  • Backing Material, Including Foam Rod and Mineral Wool

  • Wire Mesh and Restricting Collar  



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