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Corrosion Solutions

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) has recently been discovered as a contributing force in corrosion of wet, dry, and pre-action fire sprinkler systems. Symptoms of MIC include pinhole leaks, smelly water, black water, and tubercles.


These symptoms were long considered to be "normal" for fire sprinkler systems and to be part of the industry. Unfortunately, these corrosive symptoms have increased in the last few years, costing the industry millions of dollars annually. Further investigation has discovered that MIC is a leading factor, causing some to look for solutions to their corrosion problems before they cause extensive damage.


Starfire, Inc., offers a variety of simple, noninvasive avenues to test, monitor, and treat your system.




  • Bacterium Test Kit

  • Pipe Sample Test

  • Coupon Probe Replacement and Test Kit

  • Potter Pipe-Shield Test Kit

  • Coupon Replacement and Test Kit

  • Dissolved Iron Water Test Kit

  • Pipe Failure Corrosion Test Analysis

  • 5-Year Deposit Sludge Test Kit

  • Water Test Kit

  • Water/Deposit Test Kit



  • Potter Corrosion Monitoring Probe Kit

  • Corrosion Monitoring Station Riser Mount - Wet Pipe

  • System Trouble Alarm

  • Potter Nitrogen Generators



  • Potter Pipe-Shield Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Corrosion Dry Air Pak

  • IntelliPurge Nitrogen Purge Valve

  • IntelliPurge Remote Annunciator

  • Self-Purging Valve Kit

  • Self-Purging Valve Kit with Automatic Valve

  • Potter Automatic Air Release

  • Potter Air Vent

  • Potter Chemical Delivery System

  • Portable Chemical Injection System

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