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Measuring and Testing Devices

Starfire, Inc., offers a quality line of testing and measuring equipment for fire protection professionals.



The Distometer, by Leica, is a laser measurement device with precision and speed. The Distometer has a broad range of measurement (from 0.2 meters to 200 meters) and is easy to use. It provides accurate measurements that are simple to read in various light conditions. It is made of lightweight materials and has easy-to-manipulate controls.

Antifreeze Testers


A hydrometer is a device that is used to determine the freezing point of a glycerin solution in a sprinkler system with added antifreeze. A sample of the glycerin/water mixture is placed in the receptacle beaker and a probe is dropped into the solution.  The probe will then indicate the specific gravity of the solution. Using the included conversion chart, one can determine the mix of glycerin to water and its freezing point.


A refractometer is a device that is used to determine the freezing point of a propylene glycol solution in a sprinkler system with added antifreeze. A sample of the glycol/water mixture is placed on the measuring window.  By looking through the eyepiece and pointing it at a light source, one can read the freezing point where the dark and light portions meet on the scale inside the unit.


A digital refractometer is a device that allows you to read the concentration or freezing point of glycerin or propylene glycol solutions within seconds from the palm of your hand.

Backflow Preventer Testing Kits


Our backflow test kit connects to virtually any backflow preventer assembly with great ease. It is made for testing all backflow preventers that are considered testable.

Fire Pump Test Kits


This is a complete test kit that will accommodate the testing of both fire pumps and fire hydrants. This kit includes a pitot tube with a replacement blade, two liquid-filled gauges, a quick-disconnect device, hydrant cap, hose cap, faucet cap, and a single bleeder valve. All of these components are enclosed in a sturdy padded carrying case.

Pitot Kits


A pitot kit is a unit that is used to measure water discharge from nozzles, playpipes, hydrants, or any other type of discharge port.  The standard kit comes with a pitot tube and liquid gauge, but can be customized with additional components if requested.

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