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Fire Pumps

Starfire, Inc., has a complete offering of pumping equipment for fire protection systems. We have fire pumps in various configurations (horizontal split-case, vertical turbine, vertical inline, and end suction) and flow ratings to meet your application’s needs. Starfire specializes in developing packaged fire pump systems that arrive at the job site pre-wired and pre-piped. We also have several options available for water storage tanks.


In addition to new fire pumps, jockey pumps and controllers, Starfire can source hard-to-find repair and replacement parts.  For fire pump service professionals, we offer a line of testing equipment and fire pump accessories.

Fire Pumps


  • Featuring ITT A-C Fire Pumps

  • Parts for A-C/Xylem Fire Pumps

  • Horizontal Split Case

  • Inline

  • Vertical Turbine

  • End-Suction

  • 13R & 13D

Packaged Fire Pump Systems

Starfire can develop a complete packaged fire pump system including the fire pump, jockey pump, controllers and necessary internal piping and wiring. The package is attached to a steel skid for easy unloading and can be housed in a quality enclosure. The enclosure exterior can be customized as to the roof style, colored siding or brick fascia, and many other aesthetic options.

We can also include water storage tanks as an integral part of the fire pump package.


Our packaged systems ease job site installation, meet the owner’s specifications, and are engineered to meet performance needs.

Water Storage Tanks


As part of your fire pump package, or as a separate purchase, Starfire can provide water storage tanks of all types and sizes for most applications. Our offering includes bolted steel tanks that range from 4,000 to 2,400,000 gallons. We distribute fabricated above-ground steel tanks for projects that can range as high as 24,000 gallons.

Indoor “Firesite” tanks are pre-fabricated aluminum tanks with an EDPM liner that are assembled on-site for those retrofit projects that do not offer the option of placing large tanks indoors. Firesite tanks range in size from 184 gallons to 975 gallons.

Finally, polyethylene water tanks are available for those 13D & 13R projects that require the benefits of an economical solution for water supply.  These tanks come in numerous sizes and shapes to fit most site conditions.

Jockey Pumps                                 


  • Weber

  • ITT A-C

  • MTH

  • Grundfos

  • Vertical or Submersible

Fire Pump Controllers


  • Joslyn Clark

  • Cutler-Hammer

  • Tornatech

  • Firetrol

  • Accessories including Heaters, Fusers, and Relays

  • Variable Speed Controllers

Repair & Replacement Parts


  • Motors

  • Gaskets 

  • Bearings

  • Rotating Assemblies

  • Mercoid Switches

  • Packing

  • Packing Glands

  • FM Acceptable Couplings


Please provide manufacturer, year of production, pump size, and serial number and we'll find the proper repair parts for you.

Testing Equipment


  • Pitot Tubes

  • Gauges

  • Hosemonster

  • Volt/Amp Meter

  • Tachometer

  • Infrared Thermometers


We can create a complete fire pump testing kit for you, including gauges, pitot tubes, electronic meters, and performance charts.

Fire Pump Accessories


  • Test Header

  • Gauges

  • Casing Relief Valves

  • Main Relief Valves

  • Pump Suction Control Valves

  • Flow Meters

  • Silencers

  • Mufflers

  • Fittings

  • Solenoid Valves

  • Water Jacket Heaters

  • Sensing Line Kits

  • Discharge Cones

  • Surge Suppressors


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